Only on 23 News: Rep. Wolf Talks Thomson Prison

WASHINGTON D.C. (WIFR) -- Senator Dick Durbin says there is only one man standing in the way of a Thomson prison being sold to the federal government and 1,100 jobs coming to the Stateline: Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf.

Today 23 News Anchor Mike Garrigan had an exclusive interview with Congressman Wolf and he says that's simply not true.

"There are many things standing in the way and there are many people standing in the way."

Wolf is the Chairman of the Prison Appropriations Sub-committee, and he says he's received letters from many congressional leaders who are opposed to reprogramming $165 million in funds to buy the Thomson Prison.

Wolf calls it an earmark that would divert money from prison's in four other states who's purchase has already been authorized by congress.

"One, we have an earmark ban, two there's never been any reprogramming, three, there are other prison that have waited patiently who are going through the process and you just can't jump in front of them. There are many others who are opposed to it, including the 9-11 families."

Wolf says his decision is not a political one, and he's actually had a great relationship with Senator Durbin in the past.

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