Rep. Kinzinger Scolds Sen. Cruz on Syria

WASHINGTON (WIFR) -- Congress continues to debate the merits of whether to use force on Syria. But our local congressman has made it clear that he would vote in favor of a military strike.

On Wednesday 16th District Congressman Adam Kinzinger gave emotional testimony to the House Committee of Foreign Affairs. The former Air Force pilot even scolded a possible presidential candidate from his own party. Chastising Senator Ted Cruz's comment that launching a strike on Syria would essentially use the U.S. military as Al Qaeda's air force. Kinzinger called it a cheap line that takes away from the serious discussion about what's going on.

"Listening to some of my colleagues, it's been amazing to me that we are seeming to paralyze ourselves into inaction, running through every possible scenario that could occur in this. And it makes me wonder -- God help us if we become a country that can't do the right thing because we paralyze ourselves into inaction," Kinzinger said.

Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin is on the Foreign Relations Committee. He joined the majority in voting for the authorization of a military strike. Meantime, President Obama arrives in Russia, tomorrow, where he is expected to seek international support for the strikes.