Rep. Bustos Visits with Rockford Chamber and RAEDC

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Just six days into her tenure Cheri Bustos makes her first stop in the Forest City as 17th district congresswoman.

Bustos spent part of her morning talking with the Rockford Economic Development Council and the Rockford Chamber. Then she met with Mayor Larry Morrissey Thursday afternoon. Bustos said the goal was to hear first hand the needs and priorities of the Rockford region. The freshman congresswoman got assigned to two pretty high profile committees agriculture and the very highly sought after transportation committee.

"It was a very competitive process. There were a lot of members of Congress that wanted to serve on that. There were many more members of Congress than there were slots to fill. So the fact that we were appointed to serve is very good for our district," Bustos said.

Bustos says she's keeping her promise to bring an office staffed with Stateliners to Rockford. She's currently in the process of finding a building to house that office.

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