Rental Property Ordinance

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Tired of bad neighborhoods? Landlords could soon be held more accountable, so renters don't ruin neighborhoods.

There's a proposal in Rockford that fines landlords and tenants as much as $10,000, for chronically causing problems, like breaking the law and other nuisances. Paul arena of the Rockford apartment association says he thinks regulation is necessary, but hopes the city will communicate with those involved before issuing fines.

"So we want a system that kind of, not necessarily to evict people right away, but to resolve the issue. To get people to stop creating disturbances. Preserve the tenancy if you can. And just kind of make neighborhoods more stable,” Arena said.

Alderman Doug Mark doesn't think a decision will be made tonight. City leaders want to hear from landlords, and don't want to rush into anything.

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