Religious Representative From Congress Visits Rockford, Talks Peace and Justice

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- \With the recent mass shootings across the country, a representative from capitol hill is in town discussing peace and justice in our nation.

This weekend Jim Winkler, the United Methodist Church's representative to congress, is speaking to more than seventy local people from multiple religions about his role in Washington, and bringing peace and justice issues to legislators in our nation's capital. Winkler touched on many topics, including his stance against the war in Iraq and helping the poor. Winkler also listened to the public about violence in Rockford and told them how we can bring peace and justice to our own communities.

Stanley Campbell, Director, Rockford Urban Ministries, says, "We have people that are very involved within the community. And asking us to step forward and present our concerns to our representatives in such a way that can bring more peace, less strife, less poverty. That's what I think we are called to do."

One of Winkler's biggest pursuits right now is pushing for stricter gun laws in the U.S.

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