Religious Leaders Support Campaign

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Stateline religious leaders are throwing their support behind the Better Schools, Brighter Future Campaign.

You may recall, District 205 is asking permission from the voters to take out $139 million dollars in bonds to help pay for school improvements.

In a letter released today, 16 different faith leaders say it's an easy decision for voters to make. They argue that a community's moral strength is determined by how it treats its children and the current state of Rockford Schools isn't allowing our kids to thrive.

“I've seen firsthand both as a volunteer and as parent of a Rockford Public School student the state our buildings are in, and the difference it can make when we work to improve them. And when the schools are nice and fresh, it tells the children that we care about them and their successes,” said Matthew Johnson-Doyle, with the Unitarian Universalist Church.

These religious organizations are just the latest in a long line of city leaders who have come out in support of the measure, which is not expected to raise taxes.

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