No Change After Recount in Belvidere Mayoral Race

BELVIDERE -- (WIFR) – A recount in Boone County hasn’t changed the results of Belvidere’s exceptionally close mayoral race. Just six votes separated the winner, Republican Mike Chamberlain and runner-up Mark Sanderson. Both men were on hand this morning as the County Clerk re-counted four of the 18 total precincts.

Chamberlain was already sworn in as mayor earlier this month.

BELVIDERE (WIFR) – Just six votes separated the top two candidates in Belvidere’s mayoral race. Now, nearly a month after the election, the runner-up will get a recount.

Republican Mike Chamberlain was actually sworn in on Monday, but his challenger, Mark Sanderson, will get to pick four of the 18 total precincts in Belvidere to be recounted. The Boone County clerk’s office says that will take place sometime next week.

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