Record Dart Sales for January

BELVIDERE (WIFR) -- More than twice as many Belvidere made cars were sold this January when compared to last January. The Dodge Dart is reaching new targets with over 7,100 sold last month, nearly as many as the combined total of all the Belvidere made models sold in January of 2012. Overall over 15,500 Dart, Patriot and Compasses were sold this January. Autoline Detroit radio host John McElroy tells me that while Dart sales have been a little lower than expected. The January numbers are encouraging.

"There's no question that this is a good sign. They're making progress. Are they where they need to be? No they are not. But they are making progress and if they can keep building this kind of momentum, you know give it a few more months and this car will be where it needs to be,” said McElroy.

The Patriot and Compass both saw a 33% increase in sales this January compared to last January.

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