Record-Breaking Flood Levels in Byron

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BYRON (WIFR) – In Ogle County, the Rock River is at its highest level in more than a decade.
In the Brooks Isle sub-division in Oregon, just off of Route 2, what is typically a two-minute drive for homeowners has become a more than 30 minute canoe ride, forcing some to abandon their boats and walk through dirty, muddy water.

This is what life is like for a lot of people who live along the river across the Stateline. In Ogle County, water levels are at the highest level ever recorded, however keep in mind, the gauge was put in in 2000. A lot of people say today’s images compare to a major flood in the early 1990’s.

"It's frustrating and it makes you want to cry at first you are like, it's alright and then once you get going, you want to cry. It's all the way up to my waste and you can't move your legs, it feels like boulders on the bottom of your feet,” said one Ogle County resident.

The Ogle County Sheriff’s Department has sandbags available, however they only have the bags. We’re told homeowners will have to provide sand on their own

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