Reboot Illinois Stops in Rockford

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Two ex-newspaper writers have gone to social media to try and ‘reboot Illinois’. That’s the name of a new non-partisan website launched in November, dedicating to rebooting state finances, the job climate, schools, and government. Tonight, Reboot Illinois is coming to Rockford for an informative meeting at the library’s east branch location.

"I think probably a lot of people have become very cynical and frustrated. And so we want to take the frustration and turn it into action and create a citizen's action network and really help people understand issues better and learn how to speak up to their elected officials, who we hired,” said Madeline Doubek, the C.O.O. of Reboot Illinois.

Doubek says Rockford was chosen as the group’s first ever stop because they have had the most Facebook activity aoutside of Chicago and Springfield since the Reboot Illinois website was launched.

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