Rate Rise Expected in June for FirstEnergy Customers

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ROCKFORD – The City of Rockford today by representatives from First Energy Solutions, the City’s electric aggregation supplier, announced that they will be adding a one-time surcharge to the May, June or July bills for customers served by this agreement. The surcharge is a regulatory charge passed through by PJM Interconnection, the agency responsible for managing electric supply in the region. The charge was triggered by extreme weather in January, which increased demand and caused other supply issues.

The charge is allowed as a pass through charge in terms and conditions of the agreement between the city and FirstEnergy Solutions.

They estimate that the charge for most residents will be around $5.

More information on this can be found at First Energy Solutions' website. A link has been provided in the related links section.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Despite last night’s snowfall, the weather is actually expected to improve, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot of relief when it comes to our pocket books.

Depending on your provider, if you’re part of the electric aggregation plan with FirstEnergy, expect to be charged up to $15 in June to pay for the system overload.

"It's not something that we like to do but it's something that we feel that we have to do. Our customers continue to receive that one fixed price and on the outset, we're going to charge them maybe $5 or $15 as a result of this," says Diane Francis, FirstEnergy Spokesperson,
"So really I think in the grand scheme of things, customers were definitely better off being a customer for FirstEnergy Solutions at that fixed price.”

The city of Aurora, another customer of FirstEnergy, will not have to pay anything extra considering their contract doesn’t allow any surprise charges.

Rockford’s two-year contract with FirstEnergy ends this September. City leader say they will start looking for a new supplier next month.

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