Rally for Renewable Fuel Standards

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FREEPORT (WIFR) – Renewable fuel standards is at the heart of a congressional battle that’s affecting some Stateline businesses and rural communities.

“Renewable fuels are cleaner burning, lower-cost fuels and we really want to get those in the marketplace, first for consumers, because it’s going to lower gas prices,” said Ray Baker, GM of Adkins Energy.

Ray Baker is the General Manager of Adkins Energy, an ethanol plant in Lena. He and others are rallying against a proposal by the EPA that would reduce the amount of ethanol and bio-fuels that’s blended into the nation’s gas supply. Local congresswoman Cheri Bustos also supports the current renewable fuel standard.

“The fact that I represent the 17th Congressional district with 7 biofuels plant and an 8th one on its way, and major economic impact, yeah it’s very personal.

Bustos says the EPA wants to reduce the ethanol levels because it thinks we need more robust infrastructure for moving the fuel around for having the pumps. The EPA is taking public comment on the issue through January 28th. If you’re interested in offering your opinion, you can write them, or comment on various websites like the Illinois Farm Bureau’s or Adkins-Energy.com.

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