Rain and Snow Flood Stateline Basements

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The weekend rains may be done but not before causing problems for many homeowners around the area.

Sounds of repairs were all too common across the Stateline this afternoon. This weekends warmer temperatures, rainfall, and melting snow created quite the mess for many homeowners.

Frozen soils left nowhere for the water to go but out of river banks and down into Stateline basements.

Goebel waterproofing systems, who has been in business for 40 years, says they can always tell when the spring rains come around based on the calls. On a normal day they take just a few phone calls, but today they took close to 50 concerning flooded basements.

Water can enter your home many different ways and it is important to know exactly where it is entering.

"Water can come over the top of a foundation wall or a window. The second is through a crack in a foundation wall and the third is through a intersecting point in the foundation wall," said Jim Goebel Waterproofing Systems owner Jim Goebel.

Goboel says many people have problems with their sump pumps and that you should check yours every now and then to make sure it is working properly.

Other basic maintenance around your house can also help prevent water from entering.

"Make sure your downspouts are clean, clear, and water is being diverted away from the house. Diversion is a big part of water proofing. When water starts coming in and cannot be contained, that's when it is time to call professional help," Goebel said.

It is important to fix the problem as soon as possible to prevent it from getting worse.

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