RVC Unveils New Job Connection Site

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Most people who attend college do so to land a job. Rock Valley College recently unveiled a new website that connects students to local jobs and ensures their coursework will make them a candidate in the future.

Every office needs an Ira Morris. He gets computers. But the tough economy got him last year. Ira was laid off after working eleven years for Frontier Communications. So he returned to school and the workforce, this time without much seniority.

"The internship is really going to keep my skills current for information technology and information systems. That's the big thing, I want to keep my resume current, because once you get out of a job and trying to get back into another job later and you have that big open space of no work, employers really frown upon that."

Ira scored his paid internship doing IT work for First Rockford Group through a new website launched by Rock Valley College. It's a hyper local job connection site. Twenty-eight positions have been posted since the site launched a little more than a month ago. More than a dozen students have already landed jobs

"I was blown away by those results. I didn't think really, with the job market I thought there's just no jobs really," says Professor Chuck Konkol, who launched the site.

RVC students post their resumes with the hopes of getting hired before they finish their degrees. That way they take relevant courses. Eventually, this could prevent companies from complaining there aren't enough local talented workers.

The website is www.myrvc.org. Businesses could post openings there for free. There is also a section for students and companies to share their success stories.

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