RVC Helps Students Get Trucking Jobs

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The downturn of the economy in 2008 hit people hard and many are still without jobs. Now, a partnership between Rock Valley College and a Wisconsin business are providing students with a quick road to a career.

Robert Anderson has had a rough time finding a new job after being laid off by Amerock and Gunnite and is now shifting gears into a new field.

It’s been rough. I actually got a two-year degree at Rock Valley for IT and right before I graduated was when everything went downhill. Now, I’m hoping that this pans out and I get a good job, skills to have, and I can go anywhere I want with it.”

Anderson is a part of Rock Valley College’s six week truck driver training program. The school announced that it’s partnering with ROEHL Transport, a company based out of Marshfield, Wisconsin to give its students an easy transition from school to a job.

“It shortens their training time so that they can get into their own trucks and then start making money. We get paid by the mile, so the sooner you get into your own truck with your own dispatch, the sooner that you’ll start making money,” said Program Coordinator, Mark Sandoval.
RVC is just one of four schools certified by ROEHL in the country. The certification all but guarantees a job for students to move right into a 40 to 50 thousand dollar position.

“The great thing about the earnings for the folks coming out of school here is that money stays right here in Rockford. It increases your tax base, it drives unemployment down and it helps those folks make a great living right here in Rockford, Illinois.”

Anderson says he’ll be weighing his options after finishing up at RVC. There are 40 open spots for him to take with ROEHL.

RVC’s truck driving class runs every six weeks with the next program starting on September 26th. You can still sign up for the class until the 14th.

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