UPDATE: RPS Board Settles Sexual Discrimination Lawsuit for $50K

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The Rockford Public School board unanimously approved a $50,000 settlement tonight, regarding a former special ed teacher who says she was sexually harassed and discriminated against by her boss.

The complaint says former Jefferson High School special education teacher Anna Johnson started a sexual relationship with principal Don Rundall in May 2009 and that Johnson ended the relationship in January 2010.

The lawsuit says Rundall continuously said Johnson's job would be safe if she kept their relationship going and didn’t tell anyone. Rundall was quoted as saying "Keep your mouth shut and you will keep your job."

However, Johnson spoke with an administrator about the issue in February 2010 and was then put on administrative leave in May 2010. Johnson was officially let go with other non-tenured teachers in June, but she was never re-hired for the following school year.

The complaint says principals are allowed to re-hire or recommend laid-off teachers for re-hire. The suit also says Rundall was never disciplined.

The district is not commenting on this settlement.

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