RPS 205 Preps Grief Counselors for the Week

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As the weekend goes by, District 205 school administrators say grief counselors will be at all the buildings come Monday. They'll be available if any student wants to talk about what happened in Connecticut.

"We have gathered information about situations like this, and how children may feel, and how families may feel, and how staff may feel," said Alex Brewington, director of social work at RPS 205. "And our counseling and our social work department are prepared to just mediate those situations and talk about, you know, how that feels to kids and the families."

Brewington said all the schools will have grief counselors available to discuss with young people what happened and how they're feeling. But, she said, the school will not go out of their way to inform students on the tragedy.

One social worker says that's up to the parents' own discretion.

"Helping them be aware that these things can happen," said Kevin Polky of kp counseling, inc. "Unfortunately they can happen, but statistically they are not the norm. They are a not a high percentage, it's an extremely low percentage of this. And to reassure them that the schools are safe."

Brewington said every one in the school district is extremely saddened by the news, but the teachers are prepared for when incidents like this do occur.

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