RHA Still Without Units Mandated by Lawsuit

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The Rockford Housing Authority is struggling to make good on its promise to add more than 60 low income housing units around town.

In 2008, the agency was court ordered to create more space after tearing down the old Jane Addams housing complex. The leader of the Rockford Housing Authority says the agency cannot afford to build 66 new units, so the agency is trying to find private property owners to help fill the gap, with little success. It’s all because 2 former Jane Addams residents took the RHA to court to stop the demolition of the old complex. They lost but the RHA was told it had to build or buy 66 units to replace what was destroyed. Over the last month, the RHA has gotten bids from private developers for the apartments, but the plans were not for family units, and that wouldn't fulfill the terms of the settlement.

The families who were forced out of Jane Addams found new places to live and the RHA checks in with them every few months to make sure they're still doing ok. The RHA missed the deadline of last December to set up the new units, but it did receive an extension, but only to the end of this year.

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