RFD's Search for New Destinations

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – After a January announcement that flights might take off to Hawaii and London from Rockford Airport, we find out where those talks stand and what other destinations the airport is targeting.

"At this point there are ongoing discussions that are always happening. Right now there is nothing definitely imminent, but I hate to ever say that something is dead in the water,” said Geoff Oman with the Rockford Airport.

Even though this year’s hopes of adding destinations to Honolulu and London doesn't appear in RFD’s future, the airport is constantly tracking down new destinations for Stateline residents.

"We are a leisure based airport so right now our five domestic destinations are in the top ten most wanted destinations in our market so what we do going forward is we look at the other destinations that we don't have in the top ten because we know there is a market for those," Oman said.

While the airport is always searching for new destinations, there are a few locations in particular they have their eyes on.

"There has been some discussion on looking into doing some European charters for next summer and then on top of that the destination we are always looking at is New York because that is the number one leisure destination out of this market," said Oman.

Since the airport is partially funded by the taxpayers. The airport aims specifically at airlines they can develop a long lasting relationship with before any kind of agreements can be made.

The airport is also trying to restore service to Ft. Myers, which was halted after direct air went bankrupt last spring. Airport director Mike Dunn says RFD is very close a deal with an airline and hopes to successfully wrap up contract negotiations by the end of the week.

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