RAVE Looks for Better Entertainment Acts

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Quite a few Stateliners have been disappointed with their entertainment options. That's why RAVE came up with a special committee to figure out what acts we want to see hit the stages of Rockford.

Whether you're a die-hard IceHogs fan or you're into musical theater, RAVE wants to change what Rockford sees by figuring out what you want to see.
Most residents say they love big name shows like Carrie Underwood. Jordyn Jenkins is a fan, but she says she'd like something a little different.
"I’d like to see like, you know, rodeos, or more comedy shows. Jeff Dunham is my favorite but I've had to go to Wisconsin or you know some other place to see him,” says Jenkins.

That might be something RAVE considers. They started a program advisory committee last fall. It's made up of at least 7 community members which includes 5th ward alderman Venita Hervey.

"We can see the result already, some of the acts that are now going into the Coronado are selling out.”
RAVE hopes that will continue with the BMO Center. William Wagner thinks more bluegrass bands might help.

"Have like local feel music to it, where it's not necessarily high price, high glam, it's just everyday people playing in front of you," said Wagner.
So far, the advisory committee has recommended about 4 different acts. RAVE is currently working to book them. Only time and ticket sales will tell if it's what you really want.

The names of those performers haven’t been released. We’re told the advisory committee will also give feedback on recent acts that have been booked.

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