RACVB's "Misery Loves Company" Ads Get Mixed Reviews

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The Rockford Area Convention and Visitor's Bureau has launched a new advertising campaign mocking the article from Forbes magazine that named Rockford the third most miserable city in the nation. But not everyone is laughing.

The campaign is called “Misery Loves Company” but not everyone is in love with the message. John Groh with the RACVB says his group is tired of the bad press from outsiders and it was time insiders started telling the country what our city is all about. The video is currently on the RACVB’s website highlights several city attractions including the Discovery Center, Coronado, and Magic Waters. The RACVB's goal is to take Forbes' negative press and turn it a positive to attract more visitors and their dollars to the Forest City. Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey threw his support behind the campaign declaring the month of March “Misery Loves Company” month. However, people around town are divided on the campaign, some feel it's clever way to respond to the Forbes article. Others think the idea of misery in Rockford shouldn't be treated lightly.

"This campaign looks at, they're calling our city miserable and we've done this and we’ve done that we've done A-Z and we're not miserable but they don’t live on the West side,” says 13th Ward Alderman Linda McNeely.

A petition is going around to stop the campaign. Groh says that won’t happen. He adds the RACVB plans to roll out more “Misery Loves Company” videos in the coming weeks.

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