Quinn, Rauner on Minimum Wage Hike

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ILLINOIS (WIFR) -- There are just 65 days until we vote for a new governor and on Labor Day both candidates are not taking a holiday break.

Governor Pat Quinn and Republican Bruce Rauner marched in the parade in Naperville shaking hands with voters. This week governor Quinn is trying to live on seventy nine dollars. That's how much money he says someone working full time on minimum wage has to spend after housing, transportation and taxes. Quinn says it's all in order to highlight a non-binding referendum on the November ballot calling for the states minimum wage to be increased from eight twenty five an hour to ten dollars.

My opponent is the most anti-worker candidate in Illinois history. He wants to cut the minimum wage, he had firms that outsourced American jobs to foreign lands. I don't think that is what we need on Labor Day or any other day in Illinois. We need to raise the minimum wage and keep our jobs right here in our own backyard," Quinn said.

"We can increase the minimum wage if we do pro-business things as well. We need a booming economy. If we raise the minimum wage up to 10 bucks over time, we put in workers' comp reform and tort reform we could get a booming economy, rising wages and every family is going to do better," Rauner said.

President Obama is sending the same message on this Labor Day saying the economy would be doing better if congress would vote to hike the minimum wage.

"When the rest of the country is working to raise wages but republicans in congress won't, it ain't right. Not only is it not right, it ain't right," Obama said.

The President told the crowd in Milwaukee the chances of a higher federal wage will be hurt if Republicans gain control of both houses of Congress in November. So far this year, thirteen states have raised their minimum wage.

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