Puppy Mill Protest Outside CherryVale Mall

ROCKFORD (WIFR) --Dozens of local animal advocates protest outside the CherryVale Mall in response to allegations that a local pet shop has been buying and selling sick animals.

Protesters carried signs and even brought some of their own pets to encourage people to adopt animal instead of buying one from a pet store. The group alleges that Petland and Furry Babies sell animals from puppy mills. Organizers of this protest hope more people will do their homework before bringing home a new pet.

“This is just a small example of how many people are passionate about the need to abolish puppy mills," says organizer Kathy Mehalko,

In June, a lawsuit was filed in LaSalle County against the company, alleging that the Chicago based pet store violated state consumer laws by purchasing from puppy mills. Employees with our local store say they believe the situation will be handled in court.

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