Public Urged to be on Lookout for Affordable Care Act Scams

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STATELINE (WIFR) – Enrollment is well underway for the Affordable Care Act, but now we’re starting to see a rise in related scams.

Experts across the country are warning us to be on the lookout for people using confusion over the law to take our money or steal our identity. For those on Medicare, there are a few changes to your insurance with this new law so if someone calls claiming you need a new card, this is a scam.

Overall, don’t feel like you have to rush into anything.

“Always ask for information in writing or where you can go to get further information. If you really are feeling uncertain or confused, it’s really fine, and people do this all the time, to ask another person, someone that you trust, to help you wade through the information,” said Kansas State University Financial Planner, Elizabeth Kiss.

A good rule of thumb to follow is never giving out your social security number or other personal information to someone if you did not initiate the call.

The Boone County Health Department is also warning residents to be on guard for Affordable Care Act Scams. You can find their press release below.

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