Protesters in Boone County Try and Shut Down Puppy Mills

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BOONE COUNTY (WIFR) -- Protesters will have to work a little harder to keep puppy mills out of Boone County. Tonight's board meeting came and went, without any new regulations on selling puppies.

Board members told protesters they need to go through the Boone County Zoning Board if they want to see the county vote on something similar to a puppy mill ban recently passed in Chicago. The protesters are also calling for stricter regulations for breeding dogs.

Vet tech Brandy Semonich says the current breeding laws are too vague and relaxed. She is hoping the special use permit for breeders changes. Currently, breeders are only required to have 5 acres of land, Semonich wants to double that to 10 acres. She also wants ordinance to require larger kennel sizes.

"It's actually been really difficult because state and federal laws are really vague. They're very grey as to what adequate food, water and shelter really are. The person investigating can actually consider a garbage can adequate shelter, whereas the general public would disagree," says Vet Tech, Brandy Semonich.

Semonich is pairing up with the organization called Angels for Animals. Tomorrow, they will be offering a proposal at the Boone County Zoning Board. Protesters believe it would take at least six months for any new ordinance to take effect. Again, Chicago alderman recently banned selling dogs from puppy mills. Pet stores there now have to go through an Animal Friendly Program before they're allowed to sell dogs.

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