UPDATE: Senate OK's 70 mph Highway Speed Limit

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ILLINOIS (WIFR) -- A proposal to raise the speed limit on Illinois Highways is traveling along in Springfield, passing in the Senate yesterday and arriving in the House today. The plan raises the speed limit from 65 on highways and tollways to 70 miles per hour. It allows Cook County and surrounding counties to opt out. Supporters think this will allow commerce to move more quickly. If signed, the increase would take effect January 1st.

ILLINOIS (WIFR) -- A trip to pretty much anywhere in Illinois could soon be a faster journey if lawmakers approve a speed limit increase to 70 miles per hour.

Most of the speed limits we see around here are 65, but in surrounding states, you can drive 70. That’s what lawmakers want to increase the speed. This would apply to cars and semi-trucks driving on any 4 lane divided highway that is run by the state Department of Transportation. Around here, that’s Bypass 20, I-39, and the Jane Addams Tollway. The proposal would also create stricter penalties for speeding.

It’s important to note you could only go 70 on the Jane Addams until you hit McHenry County and a few other counties around Chicago will get to determine their own limits.

Certain other Illinois Highways, Roads, and Streets would have an increased speed limit of 55 miles per hour. Speed limit proposals are pending in both the House and the Senate and should be taken up after lawmakers get back from Spring Break.

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