Progress on Auburn Field House

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – It won’t be long before teens at Auburn High School are able to use a new field house.

Construction work is moving along. Most of the structure now stand tall just behind Auburn. The 100,000 square foot facility will house a 200 meter track, four courts for basketball and volleyball, as well as PE stations and 8 additional classrooms. Staff and students seem to be excited.

“I think school spirit will be way higher than what it is because now that they know they can go outside and be in something as cool as that field house it’s going to really want to make them play harder and be better,” said junior Deavonte Pope.

“Walls are going up, classrooms, you can actually see them and they’re defined. It’s looking food for being on target , so we’re excited,” said Auburn High School Principal Devon LaRosa.

The project should be done by August. Guilford High School is also getting a fieldhouse. Construction is supposed to begin this spring and should be done by the fall.

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