Crundwell Appeals Prison Sentence

DIXON (WIFR) -- Former Dixon comptroller Rita Crundwell is appealing the length of her nearly 20-year prison sentence. The case will go through appeals court in Chicago. Crundwell was sentenced a week and a half ago for stealing more than $53 million dollars over two decades.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Marshals aren’t having any luck trying to sell one of Rita Crundwell’s homes.

Instead, they’re looking for a realtor to take it over. Only four bids have been placed on the Englewood, Florida Home. It’s the one with an elevator, worth $267,000, although the feds rejected those offers and now, they’ll be interviewing real estate agents this week.

Also this week, Crundwell’s remaining two properties, the one on Dutch Road and U.S. 52 are expected to close. Crundwell is currently being held in the Boone County jail, waiting to be sent to prison, where she’ll serve nearly 20 years. She was convicted of stealing more than $53 million dollars from the City of Dixon.

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