Pre-K Literacy Program Expands

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Another obstacle facing District 205, is the number of low-income kids heading into kindergarten without many of the skills they need. Researchers studied 40 families nationwide, and discovered a major gap between high and low income three-year-olds. The United Way is working to address that gap with their Tiny Turners reading program. Teachers working in five local home visiting programs will distribute board books to hundreds of families over the next year.

“It's not just a book distribution program, yes we are providing books, but we're also providing the tools that parents need to be engaged in the books. To talk with your children, sit with your children, play with your children. As Dr. Willis pointed out, that love of parent is then transferred to the love of a book, the love of reading,” said Paul Logli, the United Way CEO.

This is the latest effort from the United Way to help create "success by 6" for hundreds of local children.

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