Potholes Causing Problems for Stateline Drivers

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STATELINE (WIFR) – If you’ve been anywhere this winter, you know all this freezing and thawing is creating a rough situation on our roads.
It’s a feeling many of us share—terror—as we drive across the Stateline attempting to avoid tens of thousands of potholes, some resurfacing right under our wheels.

“I feel like I am going through a maze because sometimes you have to jump lanes to avoid a pothole.”

Brittany Walker is feeling that pain. She says our rocky roads destroyed two of her tires over the last couple days, forcing her to not only fork out hundreds of dollars to replace them, but for a tow truck too.
“I was just angry and frustrated like not again, that’s what came to my mind, like, ugh!” Walker exclaimed.
Rockford City Crews have filled more than 18,000 potholes this winter alone, and that’s not even counting March. However it’s just the short-term fix.
Capitol Improvement Director, Patrick Zuroske says the city will start more than 30 New Projects this summer with plans to repair sections of road, and resurface some of our more torn up pavement like the stretch of 20th Street between Harrison and Sandy Hallow.
“We are out there looking, it’s not like we are just going to do the project we have in the books we know we have some areas that we have to target and will get after them when the city allows us to do that.” Zuroske said.

It’s not just Rockford. The problem is so bad on Springfield Avenue in Winnebago County that crews have put up a sign alerting drivers of the bumpy road ahead. Walker says she may have saved hundreds of dollars if she would have had a similar warning.
The City says they want to know about these potholes. For more information about how to report a pothole, please visit the City’s website.

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