Pothole Problems for Local Homeowner

Photo provided by Laurie Leng
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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – A local woman says a crater in front of her house is so large, kids are starting to use it as a swimming pool -- and we've seen the pictures to prove it.

A pool-sized hole that's nearly knee-deep on Prentice Avenue has been a problem for Laurie Leng for a few years now. She says that Rockford Township told her that it’s not their street and not their pothole to fill.

Highway Commissioner Dan Conness says that it’s not an official street because the developer’s plans to finish the street were not approved and instead finished it off with gravel.

“As a tax payer, it totally infuriates me. I pay property taxes and nothing can be done because nobody owns it? What kind of answer is that? That’s not an answer. That’s not a solution,” says Leng. “If we can’t fix these little things in our town, how are we supposed to fix the big things?”

“It’s unfortunate. We’d love to be able to come out and fix it, but you can’t use tax dollars to fix a road that’s not under our jurisdiction. All of the other tax payers would be upset if we did and it wouldn’t just stop here because there’s plenty of other situations just like this,” Conness said.

Conness says the best option for Leng would be to get help from neighbors and fix the hole on their own to get it up to the township’s standards and then they could take over. Unfortunately, it looks as though if Leng wants something done, she’s going to have to do it herself.

Rockford Township says that Leng’s situation is not uncommon and there are several other similar streets in the city that have this issue including Blackhawk Island, Blue Lake Avnue, Gold River Avenue, Silver Creek Road, Central Avenue, and Hazel Street.

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