Poplar Grove Passes Video Gaming Boutiques

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Back in August the Poplar Grove Village Board passed video gaming by a 4-to-3 vote.

What leaders didn't know back then is that state law permits not just bars to open up video gaming, but the village is also required to allow at least one video boutique to open as well.

Boutiques are establishments that are almost like mini casino's with only five or fewer machines.

While you can order drinks, there are no places to sit at a bar or order drink specials. To combat this, Poplar Grove leaders proposed charging boutiques $5,000 to open up as opposed to the $1,200 they charge bars to implement video gaming.

Tonight the board voted 6-1 to pass video gaming, even with the requirement to allow a boutique.

"To level the playing field with some of the drinking establishments in our community so that patrons that are choosing to gamble would not go to another community"

Flamingo Slots is a Rockford boutique that's been open for about a month. The owner their feels Poplar Grove would benefit from a video gaming boutique because it would provide another form of entertainment in the village.

"If done properly they can survive anywhere and they'll thrive anywhere. Again you have to customize it to what your customer wants and give them that safe clean environment to participate and play on."

Village leaders say since they approved their gambling ordinance back in august and since then only one of the four bars currently has video gaming machines.

The Village President says as of yet no one has approached them about opening up a gaming boutique.

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