Politicians Support IDES in Freeport

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FREEPORT (WIFR) -- Several politicians visited Freeport today to help keep its unemployment office open.

The location was chosen to be closed because it's lease will be expiring at the end of the year and its foot traffic is lower than other offices in the state.

Former labor secretary Lynn Martin says it doesn't seem right for the state to close the Freeport facility when the city's unemployment is at 11.6%.

She encourages the Governor to allow the office to be opened part-time. Since Christine Jensen was laid off from Sensata Technologies two weeks ago, she's been coming into the office with hopes of finding her next job.

“"It's very sad. Because there's nothing around here. You have to go to Rockford or Sterling. And if you have no transportation, how are you supposed to get there? I signed a petition online to keep it here. But I don't think enough people realize it's even leaving," said Jensen.

Greg Rivara, the spokesperson for the Illinois Department of Employment Security says this is the eighth employment office to be consolidated within the past year and a half. He says funding is primarily decided on at the federal, not the state level.

Also at today's news conference, former labor secretary Lynn Martin endorsed Representative Bobby Schilling for congress.

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