Police Teaching Students About Safe Driving

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WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) -- Winnebago County Police is making its best attempt to warn high school students about the hazards of not going hands-free.

“I want to get across to them that they’re still distracted. My goal would be for them to not use their cell phone at all while they’re in the vehicle because you’re visually, manually and cognitively distracted if you’re using a cell phone.

Deputy Donny Parham led a discussion in front of Harlem students on the new hands free talking law. County police played videos and addressed any questions on the new law, including what devices constitute as hands free. At the end of the assembly, students signed a pledge banner that will hang at the BMO Harris Bank Center.

“We don’t really think about it as much. We think we are in control of driving. We don’t really think about being distracted as much as we really are,” said student Jake Hancock.

“The law is so new that a lot of people are really not informed of it. So I think it’s important especially us being in the school and working with kids is to inform them and hopefully with this assembly, our students can get the message out to their parents and other community members that this is actually a law.” said Principal Terrell Yarbrough.

The first offense to the hands-free talking law is a $75 fine and it increases by $25 each time after.

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