Police Target "Johns" in Prostitution Stings

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – It’s considered the world’s oldest profession and now Rockford police aren’t going after the employers. Instead, they’re focusing their efforts on the men prostitutes solicit.

Five men are in jail for soliciting a prostitute around the Broadway corridor. Rockford police plan on doing several more of these details through the summer. Officers say so far the stings are working.

Numbers from the department show in May complaints about prostitution dropped nearly 30% from the previous month. Most stings focus on the ladies, but police say catching the so-called “Johns” is just as important.

“If customers aren’t there then the prostitutes aren’t going to be there. If we can end that demand then we can hopefully improve the area and help that community to rewrite a new narrative,” said Deputy Chief Doug Pann.

When the so-called “Johns” are arrested, their cars are also impounded and they have to pay a fee to the city.

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