Police Search for Runaway from Monroe Center

MONROE CENTER (WIFR) -- Police say a Facebook page aimed at finding a local 16 year old runway is actually making the investigation harder.

The Ogle County Sherriff’s office says Candice Sane of Monroe center left home two weeks ago and hasn't been in contact with her family since. Investigators have interviewed the teen's family in Monroe Center as well as friends in Rockford. Police say a Facebook page called “Bring Candice Home” has many people confused about whether she was a victim of foul play. Investigators don't think that's the case but say the site may have given out some wrong information.

"There’s a third party running this Facebook page. It’s just a little frustrating that they're receiving information but whoever it is, isn’t passing some of it, or any of it, along to us, so I’m a little confused as to what they're trying to accomplish when they’re not telling is what they're doing," says Ogle County Sherriff Michael Harn.

According to that Facebook page, a search planned for Sunday in Monroe Center has been called off. If you have any information on where the teen is, call the Ogle County Sherriff’s office.