Police Not at Schools for Start Time

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Now that there’s an extra period in District 205, school starts earlier around 8:30 but administrators say officers don't get to school until after 9:00.

They say that's because they go to roll call first at 8:30 and then drive to the buildings. Yet, the District pays officers starting at 8:30. Administrators are now working with police administration to come up with some solutions. They just received a proposal from police with four different options to help solve the problem.

"This isn't just about when and where, it's about following the contract and having the coverage that we're paying for,” said Jude Makulec with the Rockford School Board.

Makulec says the police have been very cooperative. Meantime, after filling out a Freedom of Information Act request, we found out that the number of incidents involving Rockford police at or near the schools is about the same in the morning as it is after school.

Last month, there were 9 incidents before school started, and 9 within an hour after school. The most incidents happened during the day. There were 63 of them.

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