Police Looking for Information in Alleged Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse Incident

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POLO (WIFR) – Polo police are asking for our help involving the report of an aggravated criminal sexual abuse incident.

A male juvenile reported to police that in early February he was approached by an adult white man on the street when the boy was walking home from school. The man physically stopped the boy and groped his genitals. The man did not speak to the juvenile. The boy was able to hit the man in the face and run home. The boy decided not to tell anyone about the incident until now.

The incident is said to have occurred in the 100 block of S. Pleasant Avenue around 3:30 on February 5th. The boy had seen the suspected man about 5 times on his walk home from school prior to the incident. The man was always seen walking in the area of S. Prairie Ave and E. Mason Street. The man has not been seen by the boy since the alleged incident occurred.

We’re told the suspect is described as being between 50 and 60 years old, 5’11, thin build with bright blue eyes and white hair. He did not wear glasses. He had white facial hair that appeared he hadn’t shaved in several days. The man’s upper lip appeared normal and his lower lip is said to have a triangular hump in the middle. The man was not wearing gloves and his fingers were crooked and possibly arthritic. He was wearing a blue jumpsuit, believed to be coveralls and a black stocking hat. Under the coveralls, the suspect was said to be wearing a type of coat with a blue hood that was also pulled up over the stocking hat. He wore black, lace up winter boots.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact the Polo Police Department at 815-946-3412. The Polo Police Department would like to remind parents to be sure their kids have safe methods of travel to and from school. If they must walk, be sure they walk with a friend and know to avoid strangers and to report any suspicious activity.

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