Police Cracking Down to Prevent Fatal Crashes During Labor Day Holiday

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Local police agencies are urging drivers to stay safe this weekend for the Labor Day holiday.

Illinois State Police along with Winnebago County and Rockford will be cracking down this week to prevent fatal crashes. Officers will be on the lookout for drunk drivers and distracted drivers and to make sure we’re wearing our seatbelts.

As of Tuesday, the number of motor vehicle fatalities is at 562, 83 fewer than at this same time last year.

“We had 29 people killed in the city of Rockford and a majority of those were by intoxicated motorists. We’re happy to take these extra funds that IDOT gives us and we hire back officers so those officers are normally off duty and we’re paying them overtime wages to come in and make traffic c stops looking for impaired drivers and for seatbelt compliance.”

According to an annual IDOT survey, an estimated 94% of drivers use their seatbelts which is an increase from 2013.

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