Police Crack Down on Disabled Parking Spots

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- If you're brave and are planning on heading out tomorrow to take advantage of a steal, remember not to take any handicapped parking spots.

Secretary of State police will be cracking down all weekend. We know it might be tempting, but officers will be monitoring malls and shopping centers right here in Rockford.

This is the last time the mall parking lot will be this empty for quite some time, but if you get caught using a disability placard or license plate without the person it belongs to, you could be charged up to $500 or even lose your license for up to 30-days.

If you park in an handicap space without permission, the fine is more than $300.

Secretary of State Jesse White tells us, "Our mission is not to give out tickets, but to make the parking spaces available for those who are truly in need."

Police officers will continue their crackdown throughout the entire holiday season.

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