Janesville Police Arrest 3 Suspects After Finding Dropped Cell Phone

JANESVILLE, WI (WIFR) - Three Janesville residents are in jail after one of them dropped his cell phone while allegedly breaking in and stealing automotive items.

After 1 a.m. Thursday, a witness called Janesville police and reported seeing two men and a woman carrying batteries and tire rims near the Davis Citgo gas station at South Main and East Racine streets. The suspects left in a car before police arrived.

While police interviewed the witness, the two male suspects returned. 40-year-old Douglas Tuescher and 45-year-old Marty Caban denied being involved and said they just dropped off the woman at home.

Police say they found a broken door at a building in the 00 block of Kerwin Matthews Court with similar property described found inside. A cell phone was also found on the floor. When police asked Caban to call Tuescher's phone, the lost cell phone rang.

Police went to Tuescher's home in the 600 block of Chestnut Street to speak to the female suspect, 42-year-old Michelle Sturdevant. She at first denied being involved and later confessed. Police obtained a search warrant and found the described stolen items.

Tuescher is charged with burglary, theft and parole violation. Caban is charged with party to the crime of burglary, theft and probation violation. Sturdevant is charged with party to the crime of burglary and theft. They are all being held in Rock County Jail.

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