Plan Moves Forward to Demolish Former D205 Headquarters

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The Rockford School District's former administration building is one step closer to becoming a parking lot.

On Monday, a city committee approved a plan that where the district would pay to tear down the building and give the land to Rockford. It will be used to create parking for the proposed downtown sports complex. In exchange, the city will pay to demolish six homes near East High School as part of expansion plans there. The city would also foot the bill for new sidewalks by Froberg elementary school, plant $30,000 worth of trees on district property, and provide 500 tons of salt for the school district to use in the winter.

“We've had a couple of developers look at it and it's not a developable property, so we think this is a win-win for both the tax payers from the school district and the city. we'll get parking for the indoor sports facility and we will also add services and improvements that will help reduce the cost for the school district in the long term," says City Administrator Jim Ryan.

The full council still needs to sign off on the plan, so does the school board. It’s estimated to cost around $725,000 to tear down the building. The goal is to have it demolished in the next six months.

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