Pizzeria Owner Named Finalist for National Contest

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WINNEBAGO (WIFR) -- With restaurant chains at nearly every corner, it can be hard for the mom and pop shops to have a voice.

But one local pizza shop owner has a unique opportunity to have his voice heard at the national level.

"Everybody knows me as pizza guy or pizza man or pizza dude so I've got a lot of different names and lot of different hats," says shop owner Brian Weavel.

Brian Weavel loves to make pizza. The owner of Anna's Pizza and Pasta has been a part of the community for almost 20 years as a businessman and little league coach and life couldn't be better.

"I think it's a fun job, it's enjoyable and it's something I'd love to do for the rest of my life," he says.

And to make things even better, this "pizza dude" is one of three finalists for Pizza Today's Guest Editor Gig.

The contest gives one person the chance to be editor-in-chief for the monthly magazine.

As the editor, Weavel would get to choose what goes on the pages of the popular pizza mag and hopefully give a different point of view.

"I would hope to be able to give a different perspective in I'd like to be that voice of that small business, the mom and pop shops and not these big chain places," Weavel said. "I would like to bring that experience saying 'hey, here we are, the small mom and pop shops.'"

Weavel says he plans to be the advocate for smaller shops everywhere. Although he has the opportunity of gaining national exposure for his pizzeria, he says he has absolutely no plans of expanding or leaving the one thing he loves even more than pizza.

"I love Winnebago and it's a great community," says Weavel. "I've been here the last 18 years and the joke is I'll probably be 95 years old in a walker still back there making pizzas."

If he wins, Weavel will travel down to Louisville where he will contribute to the September issue.

If you want to vote for Weavel, you can visit www.pizzatoday.com and click on the contest link.

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