Pig Virus Hits the Stateline

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STATELINE (WIFR) – We could soon be paying more for pork at the grocery store now that a deadly pig virus has hit the Stateline, driving up demand.

A local farmer is now bouncing back after losing hundreds of pigs due to the farmer.

“There’s nothing more devastating, there’s nothing I hate more than a sick hog.”

Newborn piglets are a welcomed relief for Brian Duncan after he lost more than 1,000 of them when a deadly virus, known as Porcine Endemic Diarrhea or PED hit his Ogle County Farm in March.

“When PED hits, any pig that’s under 14 days of age dies,” said Duncan. “Probably for every pig that you lose it costs about $80 so it’s about an $80,000-$100,000 hit for this farm.”

Duncan says losing money was tough but it was even harder for him to lose hundreds of his animals.

“It’s devastating, for myself, for my family, my employees who work with these animals every day. I mean we’re in this business because we love these animals, we care about them.”

After fighting the pig virus for a month, Duncan says he’s back to raising healthy little piglets.

Duncan says he keeps the hog areas clean by triple sanitizing. He tells us there’s no vaccine for PED.

“The market has responded with higher prices, so our inventory is worth more.”

Although it’s not a virus we have to worry about, Duncan says it will still hit us in our wallets.

So far, there’s been no reports of PED in other surrounding counties. Duncan says there’s still a chance for the virus to come back, however he says we’ll start to see the impact of the disease in the next few months.

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