Pickleball: Sinnissippi Neighbors say, "GAME OVER!"

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- It's the classic case of not in my backyard! Some neighbors of Sinnissippi Park say they've had enough of Pickleball players disrupting their peace and quiet.

Rick Hofeditz says, "The sport is addicting. Once you play you realize this is fun and it's competitive with everybody." But for Hofeditz, his Pickleball days at Sinissippi Park could be game over. Two neighbors who live behind the Sinnissippi Pickbleball Center have filed a lawsuit against the Rockford Park District, claiming the sport is a nuisance.

The attorney for the two women says many attempts were made to negotiate with the park district, but they were pushed to the side and often ignored. "It was this kind of substantive interchange that occured for a long period of time that led to their frustration. And it really left them with no choice but to seek legal remedies," says attorney Theodore Liebovich.

Other neighbors behind the courts say they don't mind the noise. "This is a way you can keep people active and healthy, and I don't think the noise is anymore distracting than any other background noise," says Hofeditz. He says he trains twice a week with friends for the Northern Illinois Pickleball Tournament this July. Hofeditz loves the sport so much, he's converted his tennis courts at his home to Pickleball courts. He says, "Pickleball to me is the greatest equalizing sport. You've got gals out here that can play right along with any of the guys. There's no age out here because everybody's good at it. With a smaller court and the way it's designed, anybody can play it."

The Rockford Park District has to give a response back by July 9th. A status hearing is set for September.

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