Peotone Airport Approved; Competition for RFD?

ILLINOIS (WIFR) -- Governor Quinn has just signed off on a plan to build Chicago’s third airport. The project has been in the works for years and is set to bring in thousands of jobs.

It may seem like another regional airport would be big competition for Rockford, yet local lawmakers aren’t too worried about Governor Quinn’s new plans for Peotone Airport.

Peotone is located in Will County, about 45 miles outside of Chicago. The Illinois Department of Transportation plans to build a south suburban airport. It’s set to bring in 25,000 jobs. Governor Quinn says this will be the third Chicago area airport, yet local lawmakers believe it won’t hurt RFD.

“There are many steps that have to take place before the Peotone project becomes a reality. The airlines have said they’re not going to use the airport, so while some initial steps have been taken to move the project forward, I don’t think it’s a forgone conclusion it will happen,” said State Sen. Steve Stadelman

“We’re a facility that for them to get to where we’re at it’s going to take a lot of years the reality is, we’re here and we’re a world class facility," said RFD Director, Mike Dunn.
We also spoke with State Rep. Chuck Jefferson. He believes RFD should expand, instead of building another airport. Despite Quinn’s plans to do so, Dunn says the Governor fully supports RFD and upcoming projects.
The South Suburban airport is a multi-million dollar plan. Although Quinn has given the green light, I-DOT still has to finish acquiring more land for it.