UPDATE: More Issues with Late Paychecks for Daycare Providers

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ILLINOIS (WIFR) – We’re learning more details as to why some daycare providers haven’t received a state paycheck in over a month. Workers at the YWCA say the Illinois Department of Human Services started using a new program without testing it first. That’s left workers scrambling to figure it out.

It seems a technical glitch isn’t the only reason workers at the YWCA are frustrated. They say they didn’t find out about the state’s new management system until a week before it went live earlier this month.

Workers at YWCA usually process about 800 payments a week for state-funded daycare providers.

Yet since that system is down, they’ve only processed 25 since last Monday. The IDHS sent a letter to local agencies, claiming paychecks and paperwork would be delayed for 2 weeks, due to a technical glitch in a new management system, however supervisor Lisa Bock says the clock is running out.

“They have told us it was going to be up and running last week and we’re going on week 2 and as of today’s it’s currently not functioning at 100%. And these providers do need to get paid and the staff are aggressively pushing to get these payments out as soon as possible.”

Bock says it’s frustrating because her staff is also still trying to learn the new program. Workers have been checking every 15 minutes to see if the payment system works.

Right now it’s the waiting game. IDHS reps says it should be a week or two, but Bock says she’s not confident that will happen. She says since they’re so behind, even if the system starts working soon it will take even longer to process all of the paperwork and send those paychecks out.

STATELINE (WIFR) – It’s a story many of you told us about on Facebook. Some local state-funded daycare provider are struggling to make ends meet for their kids, because they haven’t been paid by the Illinois Department of human services in over six weeks.

“It’s hard when you don’t know when you’re going to be paid.”

It takes more than energy to keep toddlers well-fed and busy. For Christa Heitter, running a state-funded daycare out of her Mount Morris home can cost $1,500 a month.

“Budgeting a lot, not only for the daycare family but you know some of us have our own children that we need to supply things for.”

Supplies, Christa is struggling to buy since she hasn’t received a paycheck form the Illinois Department of Human Services in over six weeks. That’s left Heitter to pay for almost everything out of her own pocket.

“It was pushed me behind on my bills.”

The IDHS blames the delay on a technical glitch in its new electronic management system for daycare providers.

A representative claims its only a temporary issue in a Statement saying, “As part of this critical transition, some providers may see a temporary payment delay of 10-14 days. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience the delays may cause.”

“I understand a new system may have glitches but just a simple phone call to tell us they were going to do that, to tell us hey, watch how you’re spending your money.”

Heitter says she hopes all of the kinks are worked out soon so she can continue to provide the best care for several kids.

Other daycare providers like Trinity Care in Rockford say they haven’t gotten their payments either. Workers say they understand the delay was unexpected and believe it's only temporary.

Not everyone is having paycheck problems. Workers at Circle of Learning daycare say they’re funding has been on time.

A representative from IDHS says they're working on the problem, and hopefully the kinks are worked out soon. Our thanks to Christa for suggesting this story on Facebook. If you have an idea, you can let us know by visiting likewifr.com.

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