Parking Deck May Be Demolished

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) –That parking deck many of us know from the Rockford City Market needs more than a half a million dollars in repairs, so the city wants to just take it down.

According to the city of Rockford, the Water Street parking deck needs fixing up, to the tune of $750,000. Rockford has secured $200,000 in River Edge Redevelopment Zone funding from the state of Illinois to rip it down. That same state grant would provide Rockford with $1.2 million to build for a new lot and expand City Market. Aldermen say they want more details on the plan before approving the demolition.


A popular spot to park in downtown Rockford as well as the home of the popular city market, may soon be turned to rubble.

The Water Street Parking Deck needs a lot of repairs, so the plans are to rip down the existing two floors of parking and turn it to a flat lot. That will mean fewer spots, but the City Market will still have a home.

29 people have permits to park in the deck right now, there’s about 100 spaces total. The city plans to use $200,000 in state River Edge Development Zone money to tear down the deck. Alderman are expected to sign off tonight on that proposal. One downtown business owner says he parks in the deck everyday but won’t mind if it gets demolished.

“I think it’s a death trap. I think they should take it out as soon as possible. I park there, it’s dangerous. It’s treacherous. I fell once. I would recommend to take it down if it’s up to me.”

The bulldozers won’t roll for a while. City Council still has to approve the funding and no construction can take place until it gets warmer.

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