Parents Voice Concerns About Gifted School

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- District 205 is getting mixed reaction about its gifted school proposal. Some parents worry the plan is a done deal.

"From my perspective this is not a done deal. This is something that we're exploring,” Gifted Program Administrator Michele Beach said.

Administrators are considering converting Auburn's Freshman campus into a gifted school for grades 7 through 12 to expand the program. It’s currently offered at Washington Elementary for grades one through 8 and at Auburn for the high school level.

The district is asking for public feedback to get a feel for everyone’s concern. Many center around what programs will be offered to gifted students if the program leaves the main building.

"The arts program, CAPA, right now is an integral part of the gifted program," Parents For Gifted Education President John Torrence said.

Other parents who’s children are not in the gifted program share these same concerns.

"I think a lot of parents need to step up and find out what is going on because if you're giving these kids a private school at a public school price, why can't we have other programs that we know are successful," Parent Angela Singleton said.

Administrators said many gifted students don't like the plan because they don’t want to switch schools and worry…

"What will happen to Auburn without them. They feel a kinship, it's their school," Beach said.

Not very many specifics have been worked out yet like costs or logistics, but in these early stages they want more community feedback while they develop this plan.

The next gifted school forum is December 7th at Auburn.

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