Parents Warned About Potential Dangerous Toys for Kids

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STATELINE (WIFR) – No matter where we buy our toys this holiday season, a local consumer group wants to make sure we aren’t unintentionally hurting our kids in the process.

Laura Dawson never imagined her children’s toy box would be considered dangerous.

“That is very scary; we already have enough to worry about let alone the toys that they’re playing with.”

It’s a problem many parents are dealing with and one a state consumer group is trying to fix. Members of the Illinois Public Interest research Group are spending time at the Discovery Center warning us about what they consider to be some very dangerous toys that aren’t always recalled.

“A lot of toys fall through the cracks. Some don’t get tested the way they should be,” said Illinois PIRG Organizer, Rachel Binstock.

Binstock says if a kid plays with a device that’s too loud for our ears, than it’s probably too loud for little ones and could even cause our kids to lose their hearing.

“I don’t have time like some moms to research everything. I feel like I don’t have the time with 3 young ones,” Dawson says.

Laura Nikolovska works for kids in danger, a non-profit that helps busy moms like Dawson easily access a list of harmful toys .

“They can take their phone on the go and type in and they can research products on the go that have been recalled or have safety issues. Dawson says crossing items off her Christmas list will now have a new meaning as she tries to keep her kids safe.

Binstock says you can’t always tell by looking at a toy if it’s dangerous. She says the rule of thumb is if it fits through a roll of toilet paper, it’s not safe.

So far, 150 toys that the Illinois PIRG once deemed dangerous have now been recalled.

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